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Mold Prevention and Remediation in Maryland

mold remediation, MarylandThe news likes to use black mold as their teaser: "Is black mold killing you? Tune in at 6 to find out!" Well, for once, their hyperbole is warranted. Black mold can kill you, if you don't do something to prevent and remove it through a service like American Home Services provides.

Mold 101

What is mold exactly? You've probably seen it on that leftover meatloaf that is in the back corner of the fridge. Or you may have seen a little bit start to grow in a shower, especially during the humid Maryland summers. Mold is a type of fungus that is made up of spores and hair-like bodies of individual colonies. A single spore or colony is too small to see with the naked eye, so when you do see mold, know that it is made up of thousands of mold groupings. Mold can be different colors and is determined by the type of mold, what it is feeding on, and the age of the colony.

Mold Banquet

What does mold live off of? The number one thing it needs is water. If the environment is dry, mold can't live or grow. In addition to moisture, mold needs oxygen, a nutrient source, and a warm temperature. Mold "eats" dead organic material like wood, paper, and food. Mold can also get nutrition from synthetic materials such as glue, paint, and other types of adhesives. The mold we look for grows on wallpaper, paneling, carpet, furniture, ductwork and more. If the humidity in your Maryland home is over 60%, the mold can get all the water it needs from the air and damp surfaces.

Mobile Mold

mold, illness, MarylandSo how does that little clump of mold in your basement make you sick when you never even go down there? Mold grows quickly, within 48 hours it can start spreading. Mold extends hyphae, which are little root hairs. A small colony of mold can quickly grow and cover a large area. Mold also produces spores that are released into the air. Mold spores are durable and can survive environments that would kill mold, such as sunlight, freezing temperatures, dry areas and more. When spores are released, they can travel through the air, into ductwork and into the rest of your home. When they land, if the surface is suitable for life, they will grow into a mold colony.

Keep in mind that mold spores are everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Aside from hospital operating rooms and other cleanrooms, it is pretty much impossible to have an area 100% spore-free. What American Home Services will do is make sure the moisture content in your Maryland home is controlled, which will limit the environment that mold will be able to grow. Reducing the mold in your home will help protect your family and property, as mold can be detrimental to your health and can destroy belongings and building materials.

Mold Prevention

There are some steps you can take to prevent mold from growing in your home, in addition to the help that American Home Services can provide. The first thing is to encourage ventilation in your home, by making sure you use exhaust fans, ceiling fans and other methods to keep air moving. You can help reduce humidity in your home, by making sure your dryer vent exhausts to the outside. Make sure that your home's roof, windows, basement walls and floors aren't leaking, along with plumbing and drains. It's also important that you clean often. Dust is a favorite food of mold, so send those dust bunnies packing for a healthier home.

Mold Removal

American Home Services will inspect your home and let you know what level of mold testing and remediation you may need. After testing, we'll give you an estimate for mold removal. After mold removal is performed, we again do some testing to make sure the process was effective. We want to keep our Maryland friends healthy and their homes protected.

Call our team of certified mold inspectors today and let us help you have a safe and healthy home for you and your family

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